Misconceptions About Auto Glass Repair: What You Should Avoid Doing

Sometimes, auto glass replacement is inevitable. I used to think that my windshield won’t get scratches or slits if I take care of it properly. But with the extreme weather conditions we have here in my country, replacement is indeed inevitable. I found a few scratches and slits on my windshield only a few months after using it. I was really tempted to go the DIY route because it is less expensive but opted not to because it might cause more damage to my car. I have found a bunch of other replacement and repair misconceptions that people are doing to their cars aside from the DIY. If you want to save your car from complete wreckage here are some misconceptions that you should avoid.

DIY Kits Can Help Me Save Money
As aforementioned, I have found many people believing that doing a DIY on their auto glass is the best idea they can think of to repair and replace their auto glass. Wrong! It can actually enhance the damage to the point that you can no longer do any DIY to it and you have to take it to the local repair shop. Worse, the damage is already too expensive and if you don’t have car insurance, prepare for a hefty sum of money. I find DIY tool kits for replacing auto glass completely worthless as it can make the damage worse. Give salvation to your car and bring it to the repair shop immediately. People there are highly trained, professionals and have the skills that are needed to replace and repair auto glass. They know what they are doing and they have the essential tools for the job. Rest assured, your car are in good hands.

Claiming Auto Glass Replacement Will Increase Premiums
This is another misconception that people have when it comes to replacing their auto glass. They believe that filing an insurance claim will make their premiums rise. Wrong, again! There are circumstances beyond your control and your will that can damage your auto glass such as weather conditions, car accidents, and robbery. Unless you are proven guilty of negligence to your car, your insurance premium will remain the same even if you file claims multiple times. Some insurance companies will even take care of the entire cost if it involves just a small amount of money (meaning no deductibles).

Glass Replacement Packages
Throughout the years that I have been looking for reputable glass replacement shops, I have encountered a lot who will offer packages. Since most people hate the paperwork involved in filing insurance claims, some glass companies offer to take care of everything. Some companies even offer steaks to customers and one company even offered to pay the deductible. At all costs, you should avoid such companies. These packages indicate desperation from these companies to attract customers and the quality of their service might not be at par with what you wanted. Choose a company that has a competitive quotation and reputable service.

Misconceptions About Replacing Glass
Replacing auto glass might be the least of the things you want to worry but it is essential that you address the problem immediately once you see one. Be sure to avoid these misconceptions about auto glass replacement at all cost to avoid further damage and get the results that you want.